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Bioderma Sensibio H2o Review

The Good
  • Extremely gentle
  • Nonoily, nongreasy
  • Feels like water
  • Fragrance free
  • Effectively removes all makeup with two swipes
  • Works on removing eye makeup and mascara very well
  • Versatile (I haven’t tried out something like this before)
The Bad
  • None
Review: Bioderma Micellar Water Pros Cons

The Good
  • Instantly feels fresh and soothing on the skin, and leaves skin looking refreshed and brightened
  • Safe for all skin types, including the most sensitive skin and acne-prone skin
  • Free of all parabens and ingredients that can be harmful or cause breakouts to the skin (or be toxic over time)
  • The formula of Bioderma’s Micellar Water is nearly perfectly compatible with natural skin, micelles in Sensibio H2O are uniquely similar to the skins own structure
  • Provides a gentle cleanse that is safe for sensitive skin but still gets rid of all of your makeup, even waterproof makeup and eye makeup
  • No rinsing required: you can simply use the product with cotton pads and eliminate all product until its gone without a wash at the end
  • Perfect for if you make mistakes with your makeup and need to make touch-ups or adjustments
  • Product shelf-life: even if used daily twice per day, it lasts months and you won’t need to replace it for a very long time, adding value to an already inexpensive item
  • Bioderma’s Micellar Water does not create any burning or stinging sensations like a lot of treatment astringent skincare products can, and does not feel harsh, sticky, or greasy on the face
  • Can be used without the need for a toner/as a toner replacement if desired
  • Can be used with eyelash extensions safely (oil and fragrance free)
  • Can be used for dry skin types without stripping the skin but is great for oily/combination skin in particular (provides balance and shine control)
The Bad
  • Some customers reported they received products with broken caps and/or spilled bottles during shipment (this may have been a manufacturing shipment process order issue with a number of orders), Amazon has since said this has been resolved, however if this happens to you, you are entitled to a full refund for the entire purchase price of the item
  • Because it is not an oil, it may take some time to use and remove all your makeup, so patience is key, you may have to use a few cotton pads and gently massage all of the makeup off of the face for a few seconds before everything is removed
  • Some users felt the Micellar Water was drying to their skin after use, although I did not feel this way even with dry skin (however this was followed by the use of a serum and cream to hydrate)
Bioderma Micellar Water Sensibio H2o

The Good
  • Removes just about all types of makeup easily
  • Gentle, fragrance-free formula
  • Doesn’t leave a residue that requires rinsing
The Bad
  • None
Review : Bioderma Sensibio H2o Makeup

The Good
  • Perfect for any kind of skin type. (Dry/sensitive/Oily/Combination/Normal/Acne Prone/Damaged/Peeled)
  • Perfect to remove any kind of makeup(Water proof also)
  • Need not rinse face post using it
  • Hypoallergenic, doesn’t irritate,dermatologist and ophthalmologist tested
  • No alcohol content, so doesn’t dries the skin
  • Maintains skin’s pH level
  • Value packs last really long
The Bad
  • Haven’t found any yet
Bioderma Micellar Water Review

The Good
  • Micellar technology is a great way to remove impurities
  • Formula contains beneficial key ingredients (Fructooligosaccharides, Mannitol, Xylitol, Rhamnose)
  • Formula is fragrance-free
The Bad
  • Bioderma is not cruelty-free
  • Some Bioderma Micellar Water reviews mention side effects like burning, itching, and irritation.

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