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Conair Foot Spa With Vibration And Heat

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The Best Conair Foot Spa Review

The Good
  • Perfect budget foot spa for the price you’re paying
  • Keeps the water mildly heated when it is filled with warm water
  • It gives out a small yet constant vibrating massage on the feet
  • The product is very lightweight and is easily portable
  • It comes with splash guards
The Bad
  • In-sufficient instructions printed on the product’s box, which can be misleading for some people
  • Does not keep the water warm for an extended period
Conair Foot Spa With Vibration And Heat

The Good
  • The vibration and heat settings can be activated using the toes. This means you can sit back and enjoy as your feet are massaged without bending to activate the features. You just need to touch the controls with your feet
  • This foot spa uses various ways to massage. Other than the relaxing vibrations, there are the massage nodes at the base and the massage attachment that helps to concentrate the massage on areas of the feet that need additional care
  • The long UL cord enables the footbath to be placed in any location you wish. It ensures that you are not limited in places where you can place your foot spa
  • It comes with a splashguard to prevent water from splashing all over the place. This ensures that the floor remains clean will fewer cleanups
  • It is one of the cheapest foot spas in the market and among the best in that price range. Although there are other foot spas with advanced features, they are also more expensive
  • With the heat feature, the water can remain warm for longer. In most cases, the recommended duration of soaking your feet is 20 minutes and this foot spa can retain the heat for that long
  • It can be used with Epsom salts and any other bath salts for added relaxation benefits
The Bad
  • Some users complain that the heating element does not keep the water hot for long. However, the warmth is retained for longer unlike if the water had been put in a basin
  • Some users do not find the vibration satisfactory enough for relaxing the feet. For some, it is too harsh on the surrounding areas while others find it mild
Conair Foot Spa Review

The Good
  • Keeps the water warm for some time – Although the construction does not include a heating element as well, the walls and vibrations are supposed to maintain the water temperature for some time. You can enjoy a hot foot massage for about 20 minutes before the water starts cooling down
  • Reasonable price – For the money that you pay, this is a great little basin, which will bring the pedicure saloon to your house. The massaging functions are not as powerful, but they are enough to release the tension in your feet
The Bad
  • No heating element – Yes, the basin will maintain the water temperature for some time, but unlike other foot spa machines, it will not heat the cold water. It will still do the job it has been assigned to do, which is thoroughly soak your feet
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