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Pros And Cons Of The Dyson Airwrap Styler

The Good
  • Quality. I’ve been a long time fan of Dyson. The company spends millions on research and development to create the best products for their consumer. They also have incredible customer service
  • Multifunctional. This is where the Dyson wins in my opinion. It’s a blow dryer, a brush/blow dryer, flatiron, a 1.2-inch curling iron and 1.6-inch curling iron. It’s the whole enchilada
  • Multitask Enabling. This might seem like a silly reason to love something but I only have to use one hand with the Airwrap. That means I can drink my coffee and blow dry my hair. I can write down notes (I wrote the outline for this post while using the Airwrap), check text messages, check my calendar, etc!
  • Volume. Ladies, this tool gives you VOLUME! I assume this is due to the airflow of the Dyson. It’s circulating air around your hair, not just pushing hot hair towards your scalp, which actually makes our hair flat
  • Reduces Drying Time. After showering, I timed how long it took to dry each side. My traditional method, airbrush and blow dryer took me 6 minutes and 54 seconds. The Dyson Airwrap took me 5 minutes and 13 seconds
The Bad
  • Cost. The elephant in the room. This tool is not cheap. After seeing the Dyson team talk about the years of testing and developing the tool, I have a better appreciation for the price tag
  • Hot. The tool does get hot, so please be careful. It’s just like a blow dryer, granted the heat is less harsh, but if you keep it on your skin, you’ll feel the burn
  • Learning Curve. There is a large learning curve when it comes to using this devise. You have to learn how to position your hands and hair to get the most out of the tool. I’ve been using it for a few weeks and I still don’t feel 100% comfortable yet
Tried It

The Good
  • Dyson quality and guarantee. They make a damn fine product
  • Lower (and controlled) temperature air means less damage your hair. Being able to avoid the double heat exposure of drying hair fully and then using a hot tool to style it into waves does seem like something that’d make a difference on the health of my hair over the long term. Dyson says the tool “measures its temperature up to 40 times a second” to make sure it doesn’t get too hot
  • There are LOTS of attachments for curling and straightening
The Bad
  • The product is a little tricky to use. I think I would get the hang of it in after one or two attempts but like all-things-hair-related, it’s easier when someone else does it for you. Would anyone like to come to my house twice a week and do my hair?
  • The air that comes out of the the tool is hot but not scorching. But it definitely blows hot air right on your scalp. If you’re prone to hot flashes, you’re not gonna love this feature
  • If you have curly hair or wavy, it’s not going to replace a flat iron for a smooth, sleek finish
Dyson Airwrap Review And Tutorial

The Good
  • Beautiful, quality storage case
  • The styler itself is light in weight
  • Easy, straightforward controls
  • Nice long lead
  • Much less hair loss during blow dries, using brush attachment
  • Airflow goes in the direction down the hair follicles leaving it looking healthier (shinier/smoother)
  • Arrows on the curling barrels help with technique
  • Not as hot as hair-irons therefore less hair damage
  • Curling is quicker – it saves time drying roots only, then curling damp hair
  • Space saving (without case) as it is a hairdryer, curler and brush in one – so great for trips away
  • You can buy more attachments separately
  • Great results
The Bad
  • The storage case is very heavy
  • The styler itself is long
  • The controls are where your fingers hold the styler – it takes a bit of getting used to
  • The curling barrels do not control baby hairs near the scalp
  • It’s very pricy
Dyson Airwrap Hair Styler Review

The Good
  • I tried the dryer, round brush, paddle brush, and both sizes of the barrel. Every single one gave hair the same finish: Extremely shiny, soft, smooth hair
  • My hair has never looked that healthy after heat-styling. It also has never looked that voluminous and bouncy
  • I also tried the Airwrap without using any styling product and the perfect waves and shine in my hair lasted until the next time I had to wash it
The Bad
  • As for curls, I don’t think the Airwrap could one hundred percent replace a curling iron. The curls you get are natural-looking, so if you wanted a look that requires precision, like Veronica Lake waves, the Airwrap wouldn’t be my go-to

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