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My Honest Review Of The Dyson Supersonic

The Good
  • Results: My hair is notably smoother, shinier, and less frizzy
  • Quiet: It’s much quieter than other dryers I’ve used
  • Lightweight: The motor placement in the handle distributes the dryer’s weight nicely. This tool is lightweight and doesn’t make my hand tired
  • Settings: It has three heat settings and three airflow settings, making it useful for everything from touch-ups to full blowouts
  • Magnetic Attachments: All nozzles and diffusers are magnetic, making them easy to attach and remove
  • Heat Protection: The attachments and surface of the dryer never overheat (goodbye, burned fingers)
  • Non-tangle Cord: The cord has a round design that prevents tangling, even when the dryer is stored for travel
  • Easy to Clean: The filter twists on and off for easy monthly cleaning
  • No Exposed Blades: Basically, this means goodbye to hair getting caught in the back of the dryer. Amen!
  • Storage: There are hundreds of storage options available for this tool, whether you’re looking for a Dyson travel case, a stand, or a bathroom wall mount
  • Bonuses: If you purchase through, they’ll often throw in two free gifts/tools, like a storage stand, case, brush, or wide-tooth attachment
The Bad
  • Powerful: The V9 motor is extremely high velocity, and some people may find it too strong
  • Cost: The price point is 4-6x the cost of the average hair dryer, but eBay carries refurbished Dyson hair dryers for 40% off, and Nordstrom Rack often has them for 30% off
  • Attachments: I’ve seen some women complain that the magnetic attachments fall off, but I haven’t experienced this at all
  • Power Cord: The power cord has a large transformer that eats up space, and the plug may block the second outlet
My Honest Dyson Supersonic Dryer Review

The Good
  • It’s lightweight and not top heavy making it easier to maneuver: This is especially great if you have long or thick hair that takes longer to dry
  • It dries hair faster and more thoroughly: Dyson once claimed it would cut 8 minutes out of drying. I don’t think it cuts down quite that much, but it definitely dries faster and dries more thoroughly. With my old drier, I often felt like my hair was still a little damp even after a long dry
  • It results in smoother, shinier hair: I still can’t believe how smooth and shiny my hair is after I use this thing! I feel like I came from the salon
The Bad
  • The Price Tag: To me this is really the only major con. You can get traditional hairdryers for so cheap, and this one is not. Thankfully, like most any Dyson products, you can buy a refurbished one that’s considerably cheaper than buying it brand new
  • The cord is a little bulky. It’s not a huge deal, but it’s a thicker cord and has a box thing on it that make it a little heftier to pack for travel
Dyson Hair Dryer Review: Pros & Cons

The Good
  • Lightweight: it’s heavy duty but actually quite light (under 2 lbs). Was totally expecting it to be heavy and it’s not!
  • Surprisingly quiet: I was shocked! But I also use it on the lowest setting so take that into consideration
  • Doesn’t burn your hair: it’s more like a super powerful fan. Again, I use it on the lowest power AND heat setting
  • Quick dry: Seriously dries your hair in record time (takes my 10 minutes to dry my hair fully)
  • Shinier hair: I can’t speak to the frizz factor as my hair doesn’t get frizzy, but it does give it a nice shine because the high heat can dull the hair
  • Accessories: it comes with a few magnetic attachment nozzles, which are genius (I normally don’t use one but have used the styling concentrator a few times. I’m interested in trying out the gentle attachment, too!)
  • 2 year warranty: Be sure to register your product!
  • Style lasts longer: A pleasant side effect I found when using the Dyson Hair Dryer is that I don’t have to wash my hair as often! I am NOT one of those women who can go a week without washing my hair–it gets too greasy. I had gotten on a good schedule of an every other day hair wash (and the second day was usually up in a bun) but for some reason, when I dry with the Dyson (and curl a little with a curling iron), my hair can last DAYS and still look good. This is not normal hair behavior for me..and I love it. AND I WILL TAKE IT
The Bad
  • Price: At $399 it’s actually sort of nauseating how expensive it is. But if you’re someone who spends money on blowouts or is looking for a powerful hair dryer that won’t fry your hair AND will last, it’s worth a pretty penny!
  • Adjustment period: This hair dryer is so powerful that it’s overwhelming at first. It took me a bit to get used to it so it didn’t blow my hair everywhere into a tangled mess. You find your groove, though. My personal setting is lowest speed, lowest heat. (And it still dries in record time!). I also don’t need to flip my hair upside down to dry for extra volume anymore (that makes it blow around too much)
  • Power cord: A weird con, but it’s SO clunky and heavy that it’s enough to annoy me, ha
Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer Review

The Good
  • The pros of the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer represent its extraordinary features in detail. First off, the range of airflow settings, temperature controls, functions, and attachments in the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer provide more opportunity to create hairstyles. It can help to save money if you use it to create styles that could cost hundreds of dollars at a salon
  • The dryer is very easy to use. Those using it have reported that the markings were clear and simple to read plus understand. That way, the dryer makes it easy to style hair. It provides a quick experience that cuts drying time in nearly half. It’s is a prominent advantage that justifies its high price
  • The Dyson Supersonic hair dryer has quite a performance. That means that you don’t have to worry about waking up your partner, child, or the next-door neighbors while drying your hair in the morning. Besides, the smooth and straight result of your hair will be similar to that of a professional blow-dry at the salon
The Bad
  • You should know of the downsides to this item before investing in it. For instance, users have reported that it was quite difficult to adjust the controls while the dryer was still in use. Using the electric controls required them to move the whole device away so they could navigate properly
  • While many vendors of the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer claim that its extremely lightweight, most customers and reviewers have reported otherwise. The consensus is that it’s no lighter than its main competitor. However, the excellent build and weight distribution should make for a comfortable holding experience, causing minimal strain on your hand
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