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Hsi Professional 1 Ceramic Tourmaline

The Good
  • Hsi flat iron delivers Best Result what brand say about it
  • It reduces the styling time to a great amount
  • You won’t face any burning smell because there is no hair damage while using it
  • Like other flat irons, it does not make your hair dry with regular use
  • It reaches the roots of the hair to eliminate frizz completely
  • As soon as you finish straightening, it cools down in a few moments
  • With Argon oil, you can give a final shiny touch to the hair
  • Affordable price as compared to professional features
  • The outcome is like salon quality
The Bad
  • There is no practical and technical fault in this flat iron but for more information check product page customer reviews and feedback
Hsi Professional Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic

The Good
  • The bonus products that are sent with the flat iron make life easier while styling and when storing or traveling with the flat iron
  • Possesses settings that are ideal for all hair types and can be adjusted accordingly using the dial on the inside of the handle
  • The swiveling cord prevents you from having to stop and straighten out the cord while styling your hair
  • Smooth ceramic tourmaline plates allow for smooth gliding through your hair
  • Indicator light ensures you can check the iron to see if it is heated or if it is still on
  • The power cord is 7 feet in length allowing more distance between you and the outlet if you don’t have a mirror next to your sink that is available. This is handy for travel as well since some hotels don’t have outlets where you would think they may be
  • Doesn’t leave a burnt smell to hair
  • Smooths out frizz and leaves a shiny look to the hair as well as a silky texture
The Bad
  • Poorly made as one customer had the cord fall apart while removing from an outlet after use
  • No digital temperature gauge making it difficult to set the temperature perfectly
  • Dial is small and difficult for some customers to see
  • Some customers find the grip to be uncomfortable
Hsi Professional Digital Ceramic Ionic

The Good
  • Fast 5-second heat up time
  • Temperature settings from 140ºF to 450ºF
  • Heatbalance® micro-sensors
  • Ceramic/tourmaline mineral infusion
  • Far-infrared heat generation
  • Dual voltage capable
The Bad
  • Short 1-year warranty period
  • No auto shutoff or sleep function
Review Of Hsi Professional Flat Iron

The Good
  • The best thing about this flat iron is how easy it is to use. The ceramic plates heat fast – it’s ready in less than a minute. You get to enjoy professional results even without the help of anyone else
The Bad
  • The only downside to this tool is the lack of an automatic shut off. Though it does maintain an even temperature, it would’ve been better if it shuts off by itself when it reaches the maximum temperature or when it’s not being used

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