Nyx Professional Makeup Makeup Setting Spray

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Nyx Professional Makeup Setting Spray
The Good
  • Light-weight
  • Affordable
  • Both work as intended
  • Nozzle spray pump, convenient to use
  • Travel-friendly
  • Matte is good for oily skin and hot, humid weather
  • Dewy is good for dry skin and winters
  • Both make the makeup stay long and can be retouched as required
  • No stickiness
  • Makes makeup waterproof
The Bad
  • No such cons. Bit of alcoholic smell, very light, can bother some. But it goes away pretty fast
Nyx Dewy Finish Setting Spray
The Good
  • The bottle sprays the mist evenly and in controlled quantity
  • The mist refreshes your face and gives it a dewy feel
  • Makes sure that the makeup doesn’t look cakey
The Bad
  • The makeup looked fresh only for a couple of hours (3-4) on a hot day and not for longer
  • The face feels a little dry and tightened after spraying the mist
  • Needed a makeup sponge to really set the spray since the dampness didn’t go even after 30 seconds
Review: Nyx Setting Spray (Best Long
The Good
  • Works on eye makeup, eyeliner and mascara as well (as long as product has dried first)
  • Cruelty-free and vegan company: company does not test products on any animals, does not use any animal products in any of its ingredients, or in any of its product formulations
  • Perfect for oily and combination complexions and those who have trouble controlling shine throughout the day, helps to reduce the appearance of shine
  • Helps to reduce smudging, slipping, creasing/caking, and spills
  • Ideal for sensitive skin and did not cause any redness, reaction, breakouts or sensitivity (even with sensitive and acne-prone skin)
  • The spray feels comfortable and breathable on the skin throughout the day
  • Colors and makeup hold throughout the day and considerably less reapplication is required (in other words, you do not have to keep checking your pocket mirror or going to the bathroom to reapply, as the hold lasts for hours without degrading and smudging)
  • While the finish is definitely matte, there is still a dewy quality after application that balances the look and refreshes the face
  • Prevents mascara from smudging, slipping, and running throughout the day (or the “raccoon eye” effect
  • Works with liquid, powder based, and airbrushed based makeup
  • Works on all different complexions/skin colors and shades
  • Helps hold color pigments without them changing in appearance or degrading throughout the day
  • It may be applied after a full face of makeup or simply after foundation, as per your personal preference
  • Multi-use benefits: you can use this before applying makeup if you are wearing shimmer makeup and want a shimmer pop look, or more traditionally after makeup for setting spray benefits
  • Odor-free (does not smell of alcohol)
  • At under $10, the finishing spray has great benefits at a great price, and the bottle itself lasts for quite some time even with daily use
The Bad
  • Some customers with extremely oily skin report that while they can still use the product and it provides a much better wear than the use of no finishing spray would at all, results are still better with the use of other (typically more expensive sprays) on the market), especially during hotter months
  • If you have a very dry skin type, the product can be drying (as it does contain alcohol), I personally found it a bit drying, however the setting benefits outweighed this downside for me, and I was able to balance this effect by applying an oil cleanser and serum in the evening with no major issues
  • The product does not work for setting lipstick/lip product as well and is intended for overall facial makeup
  • This is not a waterproof formula, so this will not prevent makeup from coming off if you sweat heavily during the day
Nyx Professional Matte Finish Setting Go
The Good
  • Long lasting
  • Easy to apply
  • Value for money
  • Prolongs foundation
  • Great for intensifying eyeshadow pigments
The Bad
  • Doesn’t last
  • Irritates sensitive skin
  • Doesn’t work as stated
Nyx Dewy And Matte Setting Sprays Review
The Good
  • I wouldn’t say that these are the best setting sprays I have ever used – there are more long lasting sprays out there but both the matte and the dewy setting sprays win at the price point section because you can get these for only RM45.60 on Hermo when there is no sale but when there’s a sale going on, you can get this for as low as RM30. I first got these during Hermo Anniversary sale for RM30 each and I got both of them!
  • These would be a great option for daily use not only for their price but for their performance. I have elaborated on their textures finishing above and besides that, they are also long lasting as compared to other setting sprays with similar price range. For the matte one, it really holds my daily makeup for at least four hours and my makeup does not ‘slip’ or move especially the colour of my blusher. The dewy one ensures my daily makeup stay put for at least five hours even in the hot and humid weather
The Bad
  • For the dewy one, if you are using a mascara that is not waterproof, I would suggest you to spray this first before putting on mascara because I had a few situations where the dewy setting spray got my mascara wet and it smudged, sobs!
  • As I mentioned above, these sprays really perform well on daily makeup look but for a heavier, full-on look, you definitely need to touch up and reapply the setting sprays, especially in the hot and humid weather. For those situations, I would suggest a more heavy duty and usually more expensive setting sprays

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