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Review: O’keeffe’s Healthy Feet Foot Pros
The Good
  • The creams are sold in packs in different sizes from 1 to 12 units, so if you love this product, you can really stock up on a discount
  • The texture is creamy and rich without feeling sticky, greasy, or overly heavy on the feet (you can start walking around within a few minutes without any issues)
  • Only a small amount of O’Keefe’s foot cream is needed for use as it is quite rich for the foot, and it can be applied to the toes and toe area as well
  • O’keefe’s Healthy Feet Foot Cream has the added bonus of working very quickly, so if you are in pain and looking for quick and immediate relief, this is an ideal solution
  • Helps to heal cracks, very dry rough feet, scaly skin, flaky patches, and calluses (can work for even the most dry and damaged feet)
  • Does not contain any scent or fragrance
  • While it is not marketed this way, in a pinch a lot of customers use O’Keefe’s Foot Cream on the hands as well (the ingredients are nearly identical, it is just slightly richer)
  • Creates a protective barrier on the feet to prevent against future damages and irritation
  • If applied after washing and exfoliating the feet, the cream is even more absorbing and penetrates the feet with even more moisture and hydration
  • A great option for those who have seemed to try everything and every option with no success, as both men and women swear by its ability to heal and repair even the most dry, rough, and cracked feet after trying other creams, serums, and even salon treatments and pedicures
  • Perfect for those who live in hot environments or wear heels or irritating footwear often, as it can repair a lot of the damage caused by uncomfortable shoes
  • O’keefe’s Foot Cream feels soft, silky, and extremely repairing when you apply it and afterwards, and does not create any mess or get on your sheets/linens at night
  • You can apply it every night (or as often as desired) as a treatment solution without worrying about any messes or spills
  • You can wear socks a few minutes after applying the cream, again without worrying about any spills, messes, or damages to the socks (or residue)
The Bad
  • The cream will soften corns, but not remove them, and should not be applied to blisters or wound areas
  • If you use this and do not have very dry or dehydrated feet, the cream may just feel greasy or sticky when applied, so it’s important to only use it if there is a specific need
O’keeffe’s For Healthy Feet Foot Cream
The Good
  • Nice creamy texture
  • Gives good moisturization to feet
  • Heals the crack and other foot problems effectively
  • It’s really a miracle cream for those who are suffering from severe winter conditions
  • It removes the dry feeling from the skin
  • Keeps the legs soft and perfect
  • Can be used in hands too
  • Can be applied thrice a day for quick results
The Bad
  • There is none to say about cons in this cream
O’keeffe’s For Healthy Feet Foot Cream
The Good
  • Makes skin soft
  • Smooth texture
  • Odorless
  • Suitable for daily use
The Bad
  • Contains mineral oil
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