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Pmd Pro Or Personal Microderm Review

The Good
  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Evens out pigmentation
  • Minimizes scars and marks
  • Promotes cell turnover
  • Rejuvenates the skin
  • Can be used for face & body
  • Immediate results
  • Convenient(can be used in the comfort of your home)
  • Cost affective
The Bad
  • It not as intense as a professional microdermabrasion but it’s pretty darn close, and cheaper
  • I hoped it was cordless
Pmd Personal Microderm Pro Review

The Good
  • Some reviewers found that it didn’t have a great impact on their skin, though the vast majority of users report great results
  • It is also hypoallergenic and antibacterial, which helps prevent adverse effects when used on the skin
  • Many people love the variety of discs available because they can select which is suitable for the skin
  • Furthermore, it helps increase the circulation on the skin
  • This device also allows you to adjust the speed. The high speed is meant for a more intense treatment. The slower speed can be used when doing slower passes over the skin that’s more challenging to reach like to in the nose area
  • The PMD Personal Microderm Pro may not be the exact same machine clinic use, but this at-home device still performs the procedure well
The Bad
  • Some people say that the results aren’t the same with the ones done by professionals but continued use has led some customers to achieve their goal
  • Some also say that the cap and discs are too small when used over the body. They wished for larger discs and caps that can cover a larger area at a time
Pmd Personal Microderm (Review + Buying

The Good
  • It is going to exfoliate your skin really well
  • All the fine lines will be smoothened out by this device
  • The flat acne scares as well as the scars will eventually disappear
  • The package will come with various kinds of plugs so one can use it even when they are traveling or are on holiday
  • Depending on the kind of abrasiveness that you need there are various kinds of color-coded discs which you can use on various occasions
The Bad
  • The discs will be damaged after a few usages. So you will need to repurchase them after using for some time
  • If this device is not used carefully and as per instruction then it is likely to irritate your skin in no time. So make sure you pay much attention to the user guide that will be provided with the kit
  • The Pmd personal Microderm is not for people with sensitive skin. Even for the people suffering from rosacea this is definitely not recommended and will end up making things worse
Pmd Personal Microdermabrasion Machine

The Good
  • Your microdermabrasion machine has advanced features for realizing the health benefits
  • It is a three-minute treatment with all you need in one package, including instructional content
  • It can be customized depending on whether you have it for your face or body
The Bad
  • It will require you to invest money since it is less affordable compared with other items
  • When it comes to your blackheads and acne, the pmd may function only on average, unlike the treatment it provides for other skin conditions
Pmd Personal Microderm Review – Beautiful

The Good
  • Exfoliates skin, smoothing out fine lines, dark spots and flat acne scars
  • Colour-coded discs based on abrasiveness
  • Comes with different types of plugs so you can use it on holiday too
The Bad
  • You need to repurchase the discs after a few uses
  • Can irritate your skin if you don’t use it properly (READ THAT MANUAL!)
  • If you have sensitive skin or rosacea, this isn’t for you

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