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Proactiv Reviews
The Good
  • Offers a comprehensive range of products to address different skin issues
  • Products contain powerful and scientifically proven active ingredients
  • Time-tested and shown to be highly effective for many acne sufferers
The Bad
  • Products can cause initial skin irritation (skin may get worse before it gets better)
  • Proactiv is not suitable for severe nodular or cystic acne
Proactiv Review 2021
The Good
  • Quality brand. Familiarity goes a long way in the beauty industry
  • Multipurpose kit. Clears acne, brightens skin, reduces blemishes
The Bad
  • Too many chemicals. Chemicals cause irritation no matter how thick your hide is
Proactivmd Adapalene Gel Acne Reviews
The Good
  • Well-based reputation
  • Has the right concentration and combined elements
  • Proven to work with a lot of users
  • Economical to use, a little goes a long way. The product can last for 2 months
  • Tested and proven (cruelty-free, paraben-free, eco-friendly, user friendly, no GMOs and harsh chemicals)
  • Easy to use, with ProactivMD quick start guide or a 3-step format in ProactivMD complete kit
  • With freebies (supplemental products, facial mask, ProactivMD with brush, etc.)
  • Average rating
The Bad
  • 50% of people have some adverse reactions, hypersensitivity reactions
Proactivmd Adapalene Gel Acne
The Good
  • Good at opening clogged skin pores and minimizing pore appearances
  • If you’ve tried benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, isotretinoin, etc. and nothing has worked out, this Adapalene acne treatment might be the one for you
  • Unlike all other kits from Poactiv, this one has sun protection factor which is essential for a healthy skin care regimen. This sunscreen is also good at controlling shine on your skin
  • Retinoid derivative, Adapalene, doesn’t only fight acne from its roots, but it’s also effective at improving your skin texture
The Bad
  • However promising it may sound, Adapalene doesn’t suit everyone. So, make sure you do a patch test, specially when using the Adapalene gel
  • Can cause excessive dryness on sensitive/dry skin. You may need an additional moisturizer to control effects
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