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Revlon One Step Hair Dryer Review: Does
The Good
  • Brush bristles are studded between the plastic teeth to prevent tangling or breakage and to volumize limp strands
  • There are three heat settings — cold, warm, and hot — and the handle is moulded to fit your hand
  • I took care to go very slowly from root to tip, and the first pass was impressive. It dried my hair straight, but not poker straight, almost instantly
  • My hair felt soft and looked seriously smooth
  • If you’re trying to steer clear of flat irons or curling wands, which often exceed temperatures of 350 degrees and completely frazzle hair, this is a brilliant alternative
  • I think this tool is best suited to those with long, fine hair, who can expect shape, volume, and smoothness
The Bad
  • At first glance, the tool is pretty big; almost double the size of barrel brushes hairstylists have used to give my hair volume, bounce, and definition
  • The whirr is noisier than a Dyson Supersonic but similar to popular standard hairdryers
  • I had to go over some strands more than once to get it right, and my arm started to ache after a while
  • I put this down to the heat setting — I just don’t think it was hot enough to style my dense hair
  • Those with hair like mine, which is very heavy and wavy in places, or curly and textured hair might struggle
Revlon One-step Hair Dryer & Volumizer
The Good
  • The oval shape allows for two different types of brushes to work together simultaneously: the longer, flatter side acts as a hair-straightening paddle brush, while its rounded corners lift the hair from its roots and create volume like a round brush does
  • The cool tip at the top of the brush gives an ergonomic place to grab with your opposite hand, which keeps the tension while styling and mitigates the weight of the tool
  • Its smart elliptical design means smooth swaths of hair with minimal tugging, and the combination of nylon pin bristles detangle while tufted bristles smooth
The Bad
  • The high setting is powerful and quite hot, so “it may be a little harsh on shorter hairstyles, where the tool will be lingering closer to the scalp”
  • The styler can singe and thin hair over time since you can’t “control distance and heat exposure.”
Revlon One-step Volumizing Hair Dryer It
The Good
  • Hot air runs through openings between the brush bristles, giving you more control, and reducing the number of tools you need to hold at once
  • The design uses two types of bristles to improve airflow and prevent tangling
  • It comes with two heat settings and one cool setting
  • It also features ionic technology, which is commonly used in blow dryers to help minimize frizz and create a shiny finish
  • The tool takes some getting used to because it’s so much lighter than your average blow dryer. It took me around 15 minutes to dry and style my medium-thick hair, which is about 10 minutes less than when I was using a regular blow dryer
  • It stayed styled for two or three days, which is the amount of time I let pass in between washing anyway
The Bad
  • The tool is as hot as your standard blow dryer, but since you’re likely holding it closer to your roots, you have to be careful to not let the brush sit in your hair for too long
  • My sweet spot is to hold my hair in the brush, all the way at my root for 10 seconds. For thinner hair, I’d recommend starting with five seconds at a time to see what works for you
Revlon One-step Hair Dryer & Volumizer
The Good
  • I ran it underneath a chunk of my wet hair, and after three swipes — yes, three — the whole thing was frizz-free and completely dry
  • The magic of this blower is in the design. The sides of the brush are lined with nylon bristles with ball tips, while the curved edges have a combination of boar bristles and nylon ones, giving you the benefits of two different kinds of brushes at the same time
  • The large, airy shape disperses air quickly and evenly, which is perfect for my curly hair type
The Bad
  • The brush is a bit top-heavy, so I always place it under my hair rather than hold it on top like a traditional blower
  • It won’t work if your hair is soaking wet. Let it air dry or use your standard dryer to give it a quick blast of air for a minute or two

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