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Tymo Hair Straightener Brush Review

The Good
  • Anti-scald Technology for Safe Use: Getting a burn is a common problem with ordinary hair straighteners. However, with this hair straightener brush by TYMO you won’t have to worry about any burns due to its V-shape and flame redundant material! This straightener also has a heat lock that can drastically reduce heat damage. Hence, you can use this straightener without worrying about harming your hair. It is entirely safe for use and prevents undesirable burns
  • Gives You Frizz-free and Voluminous Hair: No matter what your hair type is, frizzy, thin, wavy or curly, this excellent product will straighten out each strand effortlessly. The shape of the device, and the teeth of the brush, work to divide your hair into 24 smaller strands. This ensures that each strand is straightened from the root to the tip, giving you smooth silky hair. Use this tool if you want to surprise your friends with a new shiny, straight, and voluminous hairstyle!
  • Uniform Heating with 5 Setting Options: Straightening hair can be time-consuming as it is challenging to make sure you straighten every stand. This device has a commendable temperature range, from 266℉ to 410℉. The five different setting options allow you to pick a setting that works best for your hair. For thin hair, the low heat setting works best. Those with frizzy and curly hair should use a higher heat setting for the best results
  • 360-degree Swivel Cord: With the 360-degree swivel cord, you can reach even the most inaccessible strands of hair. Once you’re done straightening your hair, you wouldn’t have to waste any time untangling the cord either, as it will not get tangled in the first place
The Bad
  • Takes Time to Cool Down: Unlike a traditional straightener, this TYMO comb takes some time to cool down. However, this shouldn’t be a big problem. Simply allow the brush to take some time to cool off before you put it away. Remember to put it on high surface with nothing flammable nearby!
  • May Pull Out Hair: Before using the product, read through the instruction manual. If you use the device without knowing how to do so correctly, you may risk pulling out some strands of your hair. Your best bet is to untangle your hair with a comb first and then use this product!
Tymo Ring Brush Review

The Good
  • Good-looking Design
  • 5 Heat Settings
  • Friendly Price
The Bad
  • Narrow Heating Area
  • Not Powerful Enough for Super Straight Hair
Tymo Hc100 Review

The Good
  • Beautiful modern design
  • Hair straightener heats up quickly
  • Diverse hair settings
The Bad
  • Pricey than other heated hair brushes
Tymo Brush Review

The Good
  • Modern-looking design
  • Quick heating
  • Amazing effect
  • Diverse settings
The Bad
  • A bit expensive

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