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Uppercut Pomade Review

The Good
  • Keeps hair in place, a nice hold for active people
  • It is water-based, you can easily restyle if needed
  • Only need a little bit to style your hair, saves money!
  • Smells great
  • It washes out pretty easily
The Bad
  • Its sticky and adds an extra step, getting off of hands when you’re done
  • Active biker or jogger, dust might get caught in your hair, only experienced that once though
Uppercut Deluxe Pomade Review – Cool Hair

The Good
  • The product offers great hold without being too crunchy or brittle
  • There is no heaviness and you use a lesser amount of product compared to other pomades that you need to use in order to achieve a good hold
  • The product also lasts long allowing you to go the whole day without having to worry about your hair
  • Unlike other pomades, there is minimal to no streaking partly because of the water-based formulation
  • Most users love the smell of the product
  • The scent is fresh and light and not oily, which is something that others would associate with coconut
  • Many users rave about how easy it is to wash off
  • The product also does not leave any after-odor
The Bad
  • There are some who complain about the hair feeling a bit wiry which can be remedied by using less of the product
  • Others also prefer a product with more shine and say that the product tends to give a duller shine compared to other brands
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